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Highlights of Starlite Packaging Seminar
¨C Partnership in Learning 2011
Starlite Packaging Seminar ¨C Partnership in Learning 2011 was held on Jan 4, 2011 at InterContinental Hotel.

In the past the year 2010, China surpassed Japan the second largest economy in the world. With an annual growth rate of 8%, china could overtake the United States to become the world¡¯s largest economy in the next 9 years.
A prosperous China offers many opportunities and a bigger market to sell your product and services. Asian enterprises with operations in China stand to benefit form this. With the right business skills and increased competiveness, Asian enterprises can capture a bigger share of the opportunities.

The Starlite Packaging Seminars offer participants an opportunity to learn from experts in the print industry as well as from learned Professors and Lecturers a bout the business world. Our ¡±Partnership in Learning¡± program is a means to equip our customers and ourselves with the knowledge and skills to tackle a more complex and integrated global market.
  Opening Speech by Mr KY Lam, Chairman and CEO of Starlite (L); and presentation by keynote speaker Professor Chen Chun Hua (R)  
  P resentation by Professor Mok S.K. ( L) and motivational Speaker Mr. Stanis Benjamin (R)
Mr. Stanis Benjamin, DTM, Co-founder and Principal Consultant at Centre For Communication And Sales Training Pte Ltd.

Audience participating actively in seminar presentation

  Mr. KY Lam, Professor Chen Chun Hua and Mr. Angus Tai greet speakers and sponsors during Tea break  

Mr. Charles Cheung, Chief Financial Officer of Starlite meets with visitors from HSBC (L)
Marketing representative of Starlite and customers from LF Beauty during Tea break (R)


Lunch Celebration with customers from Leapfrog and Hasbro Far East Ltd.


Lunch Celebration with visitors from BNP Paribas, Hang Seng Bank, HSBC and Mattel

  Presentation by Speakers Mr. Mark Lee ( L) and Mr. Angus Tai (R)  
  Appreciation Award presented to AGFA, Bobst Group and Heidelberg for their generous sponsorship and Lucky Draw for guests at the seminar  

Group Photo

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