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GuangDong Governor Zhu Xiaodan Brings Warmth to ShaoGuan Fortune Creative

Newly elected as the Governor of GuangDong Province on 17th January, Mr. Zhu Xiaodan paid his first official visit at ShaoGuan Fortune Creative of Starlite on 19th January. Governor Zhu and members of CPPCC met with Starlite Chairman, Mr. Lam Kwong Yu and 8 foreign worker representatives to understand their working conditions. Governor Zhuí»s geniality brings warmth to ShaoGuan Fortune in the chilling winter.

To support Hong Kong enterprises, Governor Zhu donated a subsidy of 50,000 RMB to Starlite. He also talked with the 8 foreign workers one by one so as to know more about their residence and working situation. Governor Zhu was very impressed as he could see that the employees and the management of Starlite were very close, contributing to high company morale and healthy working environment. The sincerity and amiability of Governor Zhu deeply moved the staff of ShaoGuan Fortune. They expressed their excitement and appreciation of Governor Zhuí»s visit. They would take Governor Zhuí»s advice to equip themselves with various professional skills to enrich themselves for a better living.

Most importantly, Governor Zhu complimented Starlite on its people-oriented culture. He added that Starlite was not only a company with creativity, and also a caring organization for its own staff. Definitely Governor Zhuí»s visit has given considerable encouragement to Starlite!

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