Jigzle (05/15)

May 15, 2019

In 2019, the 8th China Suzhou Cultural and Creative Design Industry Trade Fair was held at the Suzhou International Expo Center. The theme of this year's Expo was “Quality Suzhou, Better Life” and the exhibition will end on April 22. Suzhou Team Green Group Furniture Co., Ltd. is honored to be invited by Suzhou Taicang Museum. The exhibition was also highly valued by the company, and all the staff of the Shanghai Office participated in it. Mr. Lam (Lin Guang-Ru), the chairman of Starlite Group, also visited here.

Walking into the Team Green Group Furniture Co., Ltd.'s exhibition area, a large wooden Ferris wheel is very eye-catching.

The company's various series of products were also displayed on the curved platforms on both sides of the Ferris wheel, which was also highly regarded and loved by visitors. Among them, the IB (IncrediBuildsTM) movie series, the EUGYTM pit paper puzzle series, and the music box series are the most popular, and the children's favorite desktop game series makes them love the most.

In addition, large hand-made products outside the exhibition area have become children's big toys, let creativity makeup your home!

Mr. Lam (Lin Guang-Ru), the chairman of Starlite Group and founder of Team Green Group Furniture Co., Ltd. also received an interview at the scene. He hopes to build the Team Green this brand into an environmentally friendly design brand that promotes handicrafts, uses modern design style and advanced production techniques. He also said: We use our traditional Chinese structure to create our own brand. He hopes that our children will no longer have to look down on their mobile phones, because Team Green provides the Chinese product to our family, also have parent-child activities.