Starlite Far East (04/15)

Apr 15, 2019

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a systematic method for preventing failure through the discovery and mitigation of potential failure modes and their cause mechanisms. Actions are developed in a team environment and address each high: severity, occurrence or detection ranking indicated by the analysis. 

Completed FMEA actions result in improved product performance, reduced warranty and increased product quality. This course assists FMEA team members to apply severity, occurrence and detection rankings consistently and efficiently and explores, in detail, the linkage of the Design FMEA and the Process FMEA through special characteristics development and product and process design collaboration.

Program Objective:

• Learn the Basic Concepts, purpose & benefits of FMEA

• How to implement FMEA

• Examine how to use Severity, Occurrence, Detection Scales

• Discover how to Calculate Risk Priority Number (RPN) and how to Prioritize RPNs

• Explore the Application of Apply FMEA to Participant Projects

• Learn how to Discern Recommended Corrective Actions and Risk Mitigation; and

• Practice the Recalculation of RPNs 3