Starlite Shauguan (WK45)

Nov 05, 2018
On the afternoon of October 18, 2018, colleagues from all departments heard that the Human Resources and Administration Department had initiated volunteer activities in the factory area and participated actively. Under the arrangement of Mr. Deng Haixiong, the host, the Volunteers were divided into eight groups, each with four members. ln particular, the logistics department, Larsemann, PMC, quality control department, procurement department, and production department are not afraid of being tired and tired. Some colleagues climbed the ladder and pruned the branches with a sickle. Some colleagues use the broom to clean the ground. Some colleagues squatted on the ground to remove weeds, and some colleagues cleared the garbage.

After the early autumn rain, there were mosquito bites from time to time, everyone does not care their hands and feet are covered with mud and water, and some groups also discussed how to trim the trees. After nearly two hours of work, walking on our "Starlight Avenue" presents a beautiful scene, not only the garden factory environment, but also the beauty of the soul of colleagues.