Molded Pulp

Starlite manufactures eco-friendly molded pulp products, perfect for packaging needs. Molded pulp is a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable printing option that meets the demand for earth-conscious responsibility in packaging.

Constructed using recycled fibres that originate from paper products such as newspaper and cardboard, molded pulp is suitable for a vast array of products from drink or food trays, bowls and plates, to clamshell containers, egg cartons, shipping materials and point of purchase packaging.

Starlite is at the forefront of molded pulp innovation that goes beyond protective packaging and extends to beautiful surface applications. With die cutting, trimming, hot-stamping and other finishes, these effects have successfully been used to showcase products to consumers looking for environmentally-conscious branding.

Count on Starlite’s extensive molded pulp capabilities for excellent product protection and environmentally friendly packaging presentation that will exceed your expectations.